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10 best reasons

Here are my 11Some of our favorite people on one of our favorite trips- The Salmon River! best reasons to take your family on a river trip:

1. Reconnection.  I love the long days without electronic distractions.  There is time for talking, laughing, singing, playing games, water fighting, and getting to know each other again.

2.  It is exciting

3.  It is beautiful

4.  You accomplishing something every day.  You conquer rapids, go on hikes, study wildlife, learn about the history of the canyons and river, watch the sunset, and sunrise.

5.  You learn to appreciate and love nature.

6.  The stars are the most amazing light show.  They are so bright and beautiful in the clear sky you can hardly shut your eyes to go to sleep.

7.  You learn to put up a tent, assemble a cot, take care of your stuff, and survive in the wilderness.

8.  The food is great and healthy.  No fast food.

9.  You learn to love and appreciate our earth and leave determined to take care of it.

10.  At the end you have conquered the river. It is an accomplishment to be proud of.

11.  You make wonderful new friends.





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