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Buckskin Bill

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

One place that you will visit on your Salmon River trip is the home and lookout of a famous Mountain Man named Sylvan Hart. He was the last mountain man in Idaho. He lived on the edge of the Salmon River and lived off the Land. He got his name because he would kill deer and use every part of the animal to survive. He made his clothes out of deer hide, wearing the fur on the inside next to his skin and the fur would absorb his perspiration. When he visited the rangers at Mackay Bar he smelled so bad they started calling him “Buckskin Bill.” This name survived. This is just a small part of the history you will learn on our Salmon River trip. A river trip through the Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon, or on the Salmon River is beautiful and exciting with amazing wildlife to see,¬†and also the history to learn that is amazing and fun.

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